my 'ER' shed my 'ER' shed my 'ER' shed my 'ER' shed my 'ER' shed my 'ER' shed my 'ER' shed my 'ER' shed
  • My 'Er' Shed
  • Bryan Wade
  • at the bottom of the garden - Northumberland
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My 'Er' Shed

Category: Unique

More than £500

When I was a child my father made a big green shed/hut which was a great place for us to talk and work on projects together. One of the projects was to build an extension to grow tomatoes. The green house extension was only 4' deep but I remember the light and the smell of soil and the tomato plants. Fast forward 50 years and I decided to take ER (early retirement) and wanted to build a shed which drew on the shed my dad built. Whilst my dad died many years ago my shed has so many built in memories and is a great place for my wife and I to enjoy a the new passions of gardening and DIY.

The inspiration for the shed certainly came from my youth but the shed has also allowed me to bring in my passion of DIY and my love of France and outdoor living. The recycled greenhouse is linked to the shed by an open fronted terrace which contains a wood burner designed and made by a good friend out of a recycled gas bottle. Then there is the shed used as a store area at the moment whilst I redesign my 'ER' garage but will become my workshop with great views and open spaces this will enable me to make things for other people. Eventually I want to be able to make things from recycled wooden pallets that will go to support local people and charities.

  • Year first entered 2017

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