Ladybird Cottage Ladybird Cottage Ladybird Cottage
  • Ladybird Cottage
  • Peet Ellison
  • In back garden - Merseyside
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Peet Ellison

Ladybird Cottage

Category: Cabin/Summerhouse

£101 to £149

It is specifically designed for little people, where they can escape from interfering adults and play to their hearts content. There is no wi-fi, no electronic distractions, they just need to bring their imaginations.

Having recently acquired six grandchildren within 3 years, I thought we might be needing a safe place for them to play together in the garden. The mini cottage was designed and built at my work, in such a way that it could be easily transported and assembled. Each section was painted in the back garden before building it. Internally there is a kitchen, table and chairs, and various battery powered lights. Toys, games and books are kept in there, and in. the winter it doubles as a storage facility for all the garden toys and equipment. As the surrounding plants and shrubs grow, so it will settle in and seem a natural habitat.

  • Year first entered 2019

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