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The Worlds End

More than £1000

It is a quirky multi functional space.. while at the moment it is mainly entertainment oriented other things are planned and indeed being carried out still.

Dont feel sorry for me but this is true..and would probably come out anyway if I make the show.
My mother passed away recently, its a relief as she was ill and suffering .. It was on her bucket list to see my shed/manlab and I rushed to finish it for xmas.. we had a wonderful family time.. In a quiet moment she thanked me not just for the day but for everything which at the time I thought strange but with hindsight was obvious.. she congratulated me on my shed and suggested I should enter this competition... I thought nothing more of it and today quite by chance I was on my computer and was looking for a phone number of a golf club sadly to book a venue for the reception after the funeral .. I typed in "SH" and "Shed of the Year" appeared on the top of my browser.. so i decided it must be fate to give it a go..

Year first entered 2020

You can see this shed video here.

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