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Shead Of Dread

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    Real ale served, can be chilled with cooler and python. Fridge for Lagers, foreign beers, wines etc. Music, tv, video, dvd Party lights, unique collection of Oxfordshire breweriania and has been on the local news as well as The One Show with John Sargeant. Has a beer garden with decking and bbq area as well as a waterside view (pond).Also air con in summer and heating in winter. Extractor fan for mates that smoke.

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    My mate chris has his shed (The Doghouse) on this site and got the idea from mine. The mk3 is being designed so watch this space. Its been on central news, The One Show with John Sargeant and Witney TV ( worths-amazing-shed? A=SearchResult&SearchID=174318&ObjectID= 3968034&ObjectType=35 )Its houses a collection of breweriania mainly for breweries past and present in oxfordshire. It was built in 2002 and needs to be larger due to popularity. The MD from Hook Norton Brewery has been know to pull a pint behind the bar.

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