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Kite Shed

  • Sheddie:

    Captain Kite
  • Location:

    Westhoughton - Lancashire


This Shed is my International Offices & Multinational Corporate Headquarters, Aerodynamic Seceret Design Facility & Experimental Area 51B. F,M,E,O, For my eyes only "The shed at the bottom of our garden" (Please note,a finger-print identification & eye-ball scanner is in operation for non kite- flying guests)

Other info

I may be lying in the gutter, but, my eyes are on the stars

That definition of the eternal optimist, is something I have always had at the back of my mind for as long as I can remember, and Mary, my wife, of these last 40 years can testify that over that time having an imagination that has boundaries somewhere around the outer edges of the farthest galaxy, I have never limited my thinking to the normal confines, Kites To The Stars

The idea for Kites To The Stars came to me in this way, my best friend is Frank Barstow, (Frank went to school with me, and we have remained good palls since then) Frank has always been a fan of Elvis Presley, and in Lancashire Frank is known as Elviss Number One Fan, Elviss lucky numbers (8-9-13-21-36,) Frank plays each week on the lotto, There is only 14 days between my birthday and Franks, so this year I was determined to give Frank a special Elvis gift, This presented me with a task ever bit as challenging as the ones facing Hercules in ancient times, Frank has almost every item of Elvis memorabilia that is available to the public, his home and bedroom is filled to capacity with items relating to his hero, Elvis, Mary and my-self have been around the world many times, and although we have cut down on our touring now, we still visit Las Vegas about 3 or 4 times a year, from these trips we usually bring something Elvisyback for frank, Las Vegas was a great base, and home, for Elvis for many years, we have found the best place for any item relating to Elvis is Elvis-O- Ramain Las Vegas, Having seen almost every conceivable item,( and there are thousands relating to Elvis) I was at a loss for an idea for something that no-one had thought of, or seen, as a special present for Frank, About a month before Franks birthday, it was a Sunday morning, and I was listening to a radio show on RTE, (Irish radio), and this person was talking about restricting our thoughts. And they mentioned that most people have a failure to believe in their own possibilities, That afternoon, and into the evening, I was thinking about what was mentioned on the radio, it was still buzzing around in my head, and I turned on the TV to watch Rocket Manon BBC TV Staring Robson Green, This is about a local man that wants to build a rocket so he can put his late wifes ashes into space, His determination to achieve this is inspiring; in the show he says that some people suffer from a deflamation of imaginationThats when the thought came to me that I have never seen a flying life-size Elvis, and I remembered a kite I made when I was Twelve, This kite was a narrow top, broad- bottomed type, not to big, yet I put my pet dog bonnie in it, the basket and bonnie flew about 150 ft high, when my sister saw how high bonnie was she threw a fit, The old gentleman that showed me how to make that kite, told me, Pythagoras said give me a leaver big enough, and I can move the worldmy elderly friend said give me a kite big enough, and I can lift a tonMy friends name was William Brownbill, a Boar war veteran, and in that war he told me that he devised a kite that lifted a full grown man, for observation purposes, over 300 ft on the South African veldt. Utilizing my old friends knowledge, and more imagination then Mr Spock, I thought if a man in the Boar War, using the materials then available, could lift a man. With the technology available today, I could fly, not only Elvis, but Superman, Batman, Spiderman, in fact any life-size figure that I wanted. Whilst watching Rocket Man, the inspiration, and confident knowledge that I had finely got the means to make Elvis fly over Franks house for his special birthday was born.

The interest and amazement that these flying Starshave upon any person, young or old, male or female, that see them is phenomenal, all made in The shed at the bottom of our garden

http:// www.kitestothestars.com

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