Front view, closer, sorry for fertiliser bags in foreground! of shed - housetree, 2nd upload attempt, sorry! of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree, A year on, now with added hammock! of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,  of shed - housetree,
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    A housetree! Note tree in house, not house in tree. All my own work!

    Other Shed info

    Built over the last year, frame of shed is solid oak- I got a deal on some weathered "boards" from a timber merchant, only problem was the size, average about 10'x2'x4", biggest weighed ca. 350lbs, but couldn't say no @ ?20 each board. Cleaned up v nicely. Weatherboard on the front is from same place, mostly elm, plus some ash, 1" planks. Back and side walls (not visible in photo) are clapboard pine, again 1"from local fencing merchant. Roof tiles are western red cedar shingles (Canadian). Curve of roof is easy to do provided you don't get too sharp a bend, if you do, you'd need to taper each individual shingle-possible, but tiresome. Window frames are mix of oak/yew/ash- anything I had left basically! Front door was only bought item, elm again, ?50 from reclamation yard, window in door was my build again. Tree through the house is an existing gum tree, which may prove interesting in next few years, given a gums typical growth rate. Some savage pruning may be called for. Shroud around the tree is very waterproof, 1 layer of old truck tyre innertube, overlain with fan of roofing felt. Felt is not a total success, being too inflexible as the tree sways- am planning to replace with hand made oiled leather "boot", sewn in place. Inside floored in kerruang, very red tropical plantation timber, the only bit that's questionably "green" - I don't like buying any tropical timber, but again it was a deal. Inside photo's may follow when fully finished. Interior has been fitted with what we like to call "the mezzanine" (pretentious-moi?)the peeled ash trunk in the interior photos supports it. With a main upright of yew ("Odin") and flanking uprights of oak (Hugin and Mugin, Odin's ravens), and a central trunk of Ash (Yggdrasil), it's all getting very nordic in there!

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