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-4 The Railway Carriages

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A railway carriage beach hut overlooking Bembridge Harbour. Its part of an extension adjoining the front end of an original 1930s railway carriage (hence the eccentric numbering, ours being minus 4).

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My partner and I built these huts ourselves so we have a special attachment to ours, not to mention several scars (I got a black eye and a horribly painful black fingernail in the process!)

Some of the old carriages have quaint original features including the old benches and luggage racks. Being new ours obviously doesn't but it does have its advantages - for one thing its bone dry (the old ones can be pretty damp) and I'm very glad to say mouse-free! With the help of a fantastic little paraffin stove that I found in a boot fair its useable all year round - and I do use it a lot.

We put in a stable door with a removable perspex window which is a god send when there's a howling gale blowing, and we have a big shutter window in the back that lets in the afternoon sunshine. (We weren't really supposed to have that as all the huts are meant to look the same, so just for a laugh we disguised it: when its closed, on the inside it looks like a gilt-framed painting - cunning eh?!)

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