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Originally designed and built as a workshop, my shed had to be warm in the winter and fairly sound proof, so as not to annoy the neighbours. It therefore includes cavity wall, cavity roof and floor insulation, and you can never have too many power points...20 in all! Every aspect of the shed was made by myself from foundations (13 concrete slabs), through window frames to roof panels. Having spent so much time and effort on this project I have since found it a great place to relax, and so the workshop idea has been put on hold. It now has a TV, Blu-ray player, music system and beer fridge. It is fully carpeted, completely draft proof and the kids can play in it (when allowed of course) without the risk of a power tool injury. The roof supports 4 water butts to catch rain water (which is useful when you have a water meter) with over-flow to drains. The ultimate aim is to have a slate roof one day. In a nut shell, it is used for relaxing, for entertaining and has the possibility of being a guest room, since there is also a sofa bunk bed.

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It has been made using various mortice & tenon and lap joints, some dowelled, which meant very few screws and nails used. Surprisingly, the result is a very sound and solid structure, i.e. no creaks in high winds. As it was all built by hand, it cost approximately £1k (excluding foundation costs) which was spread out over the 5 month on and off construction period. Because it cost relatively so little I am currently in the process of constructing a web site called 'Shedding the Pounds'

Dimensions: W 3.3m L 4.1m H 3.0m

Planning permission was requested but not required as the calculated volume was below the minimum requirement.


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