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From the garden of shed - Margaret's tea shed , Sliding door open- get the bikes out of shed - Margaret's tea shed , Interior - old bikes, new shed of shed - Margaret's tea shed , Who says sheds have to be in the back garden? of shed - Margaret's tea shed , Hanging bikes of shed - Margaret's tea shed , Viewing from the street of shed - Margaret's tea shed , I love my shed of shed - Margaret's tea shed , Who puts a shed in front of their house ? of shed - Margaret's tea shed ,
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Margaret's tea shed

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    Michael Walsh
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    My wife Margaret Ishii is an architect and after raising two kids for thirteen years used our house to return to practice. Our kids got a bedroom each and a luxury bathroom and Dad got a shed! It is a lovely shed though. Sliding walls suggest shoji screens in a Japanese tea house. A poured concrete floor gives a sense of permanence and there is enough space for my old motorcycle and our bicycle collection hangs from the ceiling. Future plans include adding a mattress in the sticky out green bit for "camping out in the city" themed summer nights and renting it out to British tourists when we win the prestigious shed of the year competition.

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    Growing up in Newcastle upon Tyne I envied the few who had "allotments" with their mysterious sheds full of exotic gardening tools. We had a back yard and a cobble-stoned back lane. Never actually having been in a shed before I emigrated to Canada I finally realised my dream of shed ownership at age 55 and feel privileged to have joined the Sheddie fraternity. Having a shed is not the end. My contribution to Sheddie culture will be to ensure our shed becomes part of our family's life-style and to make full use of and develop the endless possibilities of shedding.

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