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Lua Bar

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This small and not quite perfectly formed pub shed has a lockable drop down shutter that opens into a bar, a mini fridge under the main bar, a cocktail mixing shelf, storage cupboard, spirit and glass shelves, wifi, dart board, HD TV and a bluetooth wireless amp that plays directly from a smart phone. All this in a tiny 6x4 shed!

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We inherited this tiny garden shed when we bought our first house and it had been used by the previous owner as a builders storage shed. It really was in need of being torn down, it is warped and was leaking badly. I decided I would try my hand at building a small pub shed and used 100% recycled materials. MDF and wood was from the leftover materials from me renovating the house, I found a banister to use as a footrest, I used paint and off cuts of carpet from our house and the cabinet is an old bathroom cabinet. I used dado rail from a friends house to edge the bar, the bar top is old kitchen work top, I was lucky enough to have the mini fridge donated by my brother and small HD flatscreen TV by my parents. The only things I have bought have been the wireless amplifier, the dartboard and the odd little bits and bobs. Oh yes, the bar stools cost me £1 each from a charity shop. I am quite proud of my little shed for a first attempt, it is certainly not Shed of the Year but it is not bad for a broken down old shed that has been saved from the bonfire using recycled material. I just need to find a few more bits like spirit dispensing racks and bar runners/drip trays and it will be ready for Brazil 2014! Oh and the name? I let the other half pick the name and she named it after the hotel we were staying in when I popped the big question.

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