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Poppy Cottage

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My shed has a patriotic theme to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War. It has been decorated in red, white and blue and has a Poppy theme throughout. There are poppy pictures, poppy flower arrangements and even poppy crockery to use when you sit in there and make yourself a cup of tea or a have cold beer from the fridge, while watching the television or listening to the radio.It can be used in all weathers as there is a heater in there as well.

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The shed is a basic garden chalet, with veranda. It has been fully insulated and lined with plywood.It has been fully decorated, skirting boards and picture rails added and fully carpeted, with a matching red sheepskin rug.It has been connected to the mains by a fuse box and so we have several electrical features incorporated i.e. wall lights, standard lamp, heater, television, radio, fridge, kettle and table lamps. Venetian blinds have been fitted along with red curtains and rails. There is also net curtaining tied with red, white and blue ribbon. There are two easy chairs to sit on, along with foot rests and poppy cushions and two coffee tables. There are wall cupboards which hold the crockery and beverages and also reading material. Outside guttering has been installed and roof tiles have been fitted. It has a name plate (Poppy Cottage) and a door knocker attached to the front doors. The veranda had two guard dogs on it! and has window boxes with real flowers in them. Our chalet is the envy of all our male neighbours. They think it is a great place to spend hours watching football, undisturbed!!

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