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Enchanted Tiki Shed

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    Welcome to the Enchanted Tiki Shed, this cocktail bar comes alive when you order drinks.

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    I was inspired by the famous Walt Disney World bar Trader Sams, it has great atmosphere and drinks and I wanted to replicate that at home. I purchased a standard 9x7 garden shed and custom-fitted it, installing electrics, installation, 5.1 surround sound, dynamic lighting and smoke machines the covered it all in bamboo.

    The shed is controlled by custom software running on a Raspberry Pi. The software allows me to create effects via syncing sound effects with lights (e.g. lightening will cause all the lights to flash bright white followed by a loud rumble from the subwoofer). This enables me to create detail effects for each drink.

    I typically do themed evenings, for Halloween this year I ran the Shrieking Shack from Harry Potter. This included the introduction of a UV light which made a tonic based cocktail glow bright blue at the perfect time.

    My shed was initially devised and built during the summer of 2019 but it's had a few revisions since then adding more effects and improving my software.

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