Photo 1 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset Photo 2 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset Photo 3 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset Photo 4 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset Photo 5 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset Photo 6 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset Photo 7 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset Photo 8 of shed - Shabby Road Studio, Dorset
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Shabby Road Studio

  • Sheddie:

    Ricky Piper
  • Location:

    Garden - Dorset
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    Shed Features

    As a hobby I record and release music at home, but as my 2 year old son accumulated more and more toys I had to hand over my office/studio for a playroom. I have followed Shed of the Year for several years, and with no other space available in the house, this inspired me to build myself a purpose-built shed recording studio in the garden. Acquiring a cheap 7x5 shed, I took a few days off shortly before Christmas 2023 to build what has now become 'Shabby Road.'

    I think what makes this shed special is that it can be used all year round, is very small but perfectly functional, surprisingly sound-proof (so as not to annoy the neighbours!), and I am confident enough it's protection from the elements that I can keep all of my instruments and recording equipment in there. This has all been achieved for less than £600, and I think it is a great example of how adapting a shed on a small budget can create the perfect space to pursue your interests whatever that may be.

    Other Shed info

    Lining the shed with polythene, and then adding 25mm foil-backed insulation all-round, them plasterboard, I am astounded at how weather-proof and sound-proof it is. Due to the level of insulation, it only takes about 5 minutes to heat it up in even the coldest weather with a small electric heater, and as everything is connected to smart plugs, I can have it warm, lit and ready to go by just saying "Alexa turn on shed" while still in the house.

    I spent a while thinking what to name it, but once 'Shabby Road' as a play on 'Abbey Road' came to mind, I went with the Beatles theme. The pictures of John, Paul, George and Ringo were donated by my brother, and it was my fiance's idea to add the pelican crossing rug. I'm really happy with it all, and it is the perfect space to write and record.

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