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YeeHaw Is one of aour sheds that we live in in France whilst rebuilding our ruin. It is fully insulated and can support life year round in Northern France. It has a shower run by 12 volt boat bilge pump, led lighting calor cooker, sink, work surface for food prep sealed food storage and a wine rack and a fold out click clack sofa bed. It is now about 3 years old and was designed to be taken down when we finish the house a sit is in the way of the view but at the moment it is our favourite place in the world.

eeeHaw is 3 X 4 meters and goes from 2 to 2.5 meters high. I made 2 frames out of 4x2 3 meters by 2 meters ! frame 4 metrs by 2 meters and 1 frame 4 mters by 2.5 meters. I used concrete blocks and cement to establish 16 seperate byt level plinths. I laid 4 lengths of 4x2 (the 4 being the height)and then laid 18mm sterling boars over them. then I crossed that with a 3 meter piece of 4x2 every 400mm. I put in some silver foil style insulation and then stuffed in 75mm of rockwool and then covered the sandnwich with 18mm sterling board over the top. All timber treated with bug killer and wood preserver. I covered the concrete blocks with ant powder as well I then erected the frames on the sandwich and bolted them through it. I the put the chevrons on the top overhanging the front and back by a meter. I covered that with warer resistant sterling board tonge and grooved sections that you might use for an attic floor. I then cover that with roofing felt glued in situ. The walls were covered with a breathable water proof membrane and them treated but rough hewn planks were fitted vertically so they nearly touched all round and then doubles o up over the seams with more planks. inside I fitted silver foil style insulation and stuffed in 75 mm of rockwool then covered the walls with sterling board. The window and door openings were made when I built the frames and the windows are all original french scavenged form the local tip.

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