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The Shed

Category: Pub/Entertainment

More than £500

Originally constructed in 1972 as a workshop, over the 40 years since the shed has become a popular gathering place for fans of the University of Alabama American football team. Owner Matthew John King has spent years and countless hours creating a peaceful hideaway five minutes from downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The shed is situated on 4 1/2 acres of hardwood forest surrounded by a large stream with multiple waterfalls. A large preserve surrounds the property adding to the feeling of being tucked away in the mountains. Large outcroppings of rocks and boulders .The hillside surrounding the shed. The shed is complete with a wood-burning stove, a rollup garage door, covered porch, wraparound deck overlooking gardens and fruit trees, a 15 foot bar, Surroundsound speakers and flat screen TV.

The shed, has been a labor of love and offers Matthew and his wife Courtney the opportunity to unwind, and recharge, each day after work.

  • Year first entered 2014

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