The Shed of Dreams The Shed of Dreams The Shed of Dreams
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  • The Shed Of Dreams
  • Oliver Renison
  • Allotment - Warwickshire

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The Shed Of Dreams

£150 to £249

My shed uses an unconventional roof construction, made by curving two members and then locking together to form a Gothic arch shape. The walls flow up and over, becoming the roof. The end of the shed features a Gothic 'Trefoil' made using washing machine doors. The whole face of each end is clad with individually cut hardwood shingles, made from offcuts from my workshop where I work in a College. I pre-built the whole shed indoors, in the College where I work, over half-term. I had to build, erect and deconstruct it within about 5 days while the students were on holiday. I filmed a short timelapse of me doing it. v=e1bXKtCUlvk The shed has a stove fitted, the outside furniture was also made by me. I share the allotment plot with my Mum and about five friends who all come and enjoy the shed life!

Built completely by myself over four days.

Year first entered 2015

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