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Built Not Bought

£150 to £249

It's not pretty, it doesn't generate an income. It's just a shed: a place to store things. It has two parts, a shed and a potting shed/greenhouse.

It's made from, nearly all, recycled materials taken from our house during an extension build. The base is roofing ridge timbers on leveled dirt with weed suppressant - 1 ton bags - underneath. 4x2 ceiling joists support the floorboard floor. On which the 3x2 roof timber frame is built. All of this is recycled timber.

The frame splits the shed into two parts with the shed fully enclosed and the greenhouse using glass (double glazed) from old window and door units.

The doors are fabricated, as are the greenhouse shelves and shed ramp. All from salvaged materials. The only bought items were sheet material for the roof and one side plus the shiplap.

The felt for the roof was recycled, sort of, as it was left over from a relative's build.

The best bit for me is that it fits the irregular shaped space available and utilises as much of it as possible.

Year first entered 2016

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