Shed of the Year 2015 competition sponsored by Cuprinol

Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2015 is Inshriach Distillery

Shirley Heights (First entered 2015)
Shirley Heights - joel edge - Down my folks garden
joel edge
Cormacs Bothy (First entered 2015)
Cormacs Bothy - Cormac Seekings - forest
Cormac Seekings
Heavens Above (First entered 2015)
Heavens Above - Simon Kale - Back garden
Simon Kale
One of a -  -
The Owl House (First entered 2015)
The Owl House - Tracy Lewis's 'Owl House' made by Leonardo Alvarez - Garden
Tracy Lewis's 'Owl House' made by Leonardo Alvarez
Hermit's Corner (First entered 2015)
Hermit's Corner - Richard. - Woodland/Garden
Chucking'em Pallets. (First entered 2015)
Chucking'em Pallets.  - Dan Gilbert - Garden.
Dan Gilbert
The Witney Wonder (First entered 2015)
The Witney Wonder - Rupert Mayhew - Garden
Rupert Mayhew
Old Yolks Home (First entered 2015)
Old Yolks Home - Rachel Haynes - Back garden
Rachel Haynes
The Red Shed (First entered 2015)
The Red Shed - Steve Nutt - Garden
Steve Nutt
TC's Man Den (First entered 2015)
TC's Man Den - Tim Cochrane - End of Garden
Tim Cochrane
Man cave mark 2 (First entered 2015)
Man cave mark 2 - Andrew Unwin - Back garden
Andrew Unwin
The Ranch (First entered 2015)
The Ranch - Mike Hayes - Garden
Mike Hayes
Shed (First entered 2014)
Shed - david hill - Garden
david hill
Bottle Dome (First entered 2014)
Bottle Dome - Richard Pim - Garden
Richard Pim
walking home (First entered 2014)
walking home - grant - currently garden based
The shed that Kim built (First entered 2014)
The shed that Kim built - Kim Mason - small urban garden
Kim Mason
The Shack (First entered 2014)
The Shack - andy hope - in a field
andy hope
Allotment Roof Shed (First entered 2014)
Allotment Roof Shed - Joel Bird - London
Joel Bird
Earthen Tiny Home Dome (First entered 2014)
Earthen Tiny Home Dome - Jeffrey - In the woodlands by a stream in Aprovecho
the chicken mansionᄅ (First entered 2013)
the chicken mansionᄅ - barry moore - Ravenna, Ohio
barry moore
power shanty (First entered 2013)
power shanty - Bruno Van Opstal - Regina
Bruno Van Opstal
eco bike høøse (First entered 2013)
eco bike høøse - marcus shields - Camden Town
marcus shields
Dave's Hobbit Hole (First entered 2013)
Dave's Hobbit Hole - Dave Aspinall - Garden
Dave Aspinall
Neils cobwood roundhouse (First entered 2013)
Neils cobwood roundhouse - Neil - on Jimmy's farm
The Greenhouse (First entered 2013)
The Greenhouse - Paul Hamilton - City Allotment
Paul Hamilton
The Solar Shed (First entered 2012)
The Solar Shed - Kevin 'The Shedman' Holland - Next to Compost Lodge
Kevin 'The Shedman' Holland
Return of the Shedi (First entered 2012)
Return of the Shedi  - Shedi Master - Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Shedi Master
The Hedgehog Shed (First entered 2012)
The Hedgehog Shed - Lynne Garner - Back Garden, Hertfordshire
Lynne Garner
jungle retreat (First entered 2012)
jungle retreat - ian trotman - north surrey
ian trotman
Recycled Goat House (First entered 2012)
Recycled Goat House - Alison Chapman - alongside garden wall facing east/south
Alison Chapman
Pilton Love Shack (First entered 2012)
Pilton Love Shack - Peter Warnock - Pilton, Somerset
Peter Warnock
Solar Garden Shed (First entered 2012)
Solar Garden Shed - Occidental College  - Occidental College Community Garden, Eagle Rock, California
Occidental College
The Freegan Greenhouse (First entered 2012)
The Freegan Greenhouse - Andrew Gowland - Garden, Street Somerset
Andrew Gowland
The Ark (First entered 2011)
The Ark - Chris - Wiltshire
cut-wood shed (First entered 2011)
cut-wood shed - David Hingamp - central London
David Hingamp
Onya POD (First entered 2011)
Onya POD - Daniel Brousson - Front Garden next to the Moat in Rural Suffolk
Daniel Brousson
lad's drinkin den (First entered 2011)
lad's drinkin den - chris almond - derbyshire
chris almond
the patch-work shed (First entered 2011)
the patch-work shed - caroline duff - norwich
caroline duff
pixie's retreat (First entered 2011)
pixie's retreat - Mark Archer - End of the garden, in deepest Chingford
Mark Archer
Pool Hoose (First entered 2010)
Pool Hoose - Peter McLaren - Kirkcaldy, Fife
Peter McLaren
ecopod (First entered 2010)
ecopod - tim massey - knutsford cheshire
tim massey
Energy Shed (First entered 2010)
Energy Shed - Ken Boak - Redhill, Surrey, UK
Ken Boak
LanternShed (First entered 2010)
LanternShed - Jennifer Watson - Amherst, Virginia
Jennifer Watson
Cob Shed (First entered 2010)
Cob Shed - Emma Whalley - North Norfolk
Emma Whalley