The Nasty Fettle The Nasty Fettle The Nasty Fettle The Nasty Fettle The Nasty Fettle The Nasty Fettle The Nasty Fettle The Nasty Fettle
  • The Nasty Fettle
  • Alan Parker
  • Prudhoe Northumberland
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The Nasty Fettle

Category: Pub/Entertainment

This is an upgrade from the orginal Nasty Fettle, once built or rebuilt (which nearly resulted in a divorce)'Why you building a new pub shed you already have one, lots to do elsewhere in the house!' Don't uderstand do they, once you have the bug. The Nasty Fettle is an anagram of our three names - Netty,Stef and Al. The Fettle is used all year round as a place of sanctuary, the Fettle is a place in which no nasty fettles are allowed only the chink of glasses and the sound of music and laughter. It is a Lean Too now as I was running out of space, it is built on a slope so it is raised on decking, build pictures attached. The beer is chilled through a cooler, I have cask beer on when needed. As I am in the brewing industry the beer side is an occupational 'hazard'. Athough my family,neighbours and friends seem to enjoy it. The shed is double skinned to keep the chill out and to reduce the noise.

The build took me 2 months, I had to make a covered stucture to house the contents of the orginal while building it. It is an unusual shape, follows the line of the house but has a narrow part - the bar is in that area. The insulation is foam and the heating is supplied by a small calor gas type fire. The sound system is a hybred of ipod and a 300 CD disc changer. I am currently looking for a table games machine from the 70s and 80s. The artifacts in the bar are all from the brewing industry, I get my casks from local breweries as we need them.I have an alocholic dog called 'Bud' - dont know how he got that name! I also have a head barman - Kyle - who has won employee of the year twice!

  • Year first entered 2009

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