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All photos are copyright of the sheddie Rod Robinson
  • No 7
  • Rod Robinson
  • Corner of garden in Laceby. Lincolnshire.

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No 7

Its a self made shed from old palettes and asbestos sheeting. The door was chosen because of the quality hinges, from a scrapyard,on stripping the door to repaint it was found to be from Grimsby VD clinic! also the shed is of triangular constructinn to reflect a triangulr gazebo in the opposite corner of the garden and it has a "hat" of ivy to blend in with the hedging ajacent. A unique shed which houses all my gardening untensils and mower. Rod.

Dont walk on asbestos roofs of sheds! the original of this one was bigger and rectangular, seemed strong enough, I fell through it and almost lost my manhood on a mower handle!

Year first entered 2012

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