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The Yurt Locker

£250 to £499

the shed features a huge volume for the cost - achieved by use of repeatable utility fencing materials. structurally Its a large octagon with a spiral roof and 2m sky port with removable octagonal awning. outside its a Suffolk black barn - inside its 4.5m canvas and bamboo Mongolian yurt. its typically used as a Mongolian man cave and shed for other diy projects but has been hijacked by my wife as her trampoline gymnasium - the removable sky port awning affording the necessary headspace - I think seeing someone bounce around would make funny TV.

the shed has been built to a price - namely οΎ£300 (excludes deck) - after a number of trial attempts - utility fencing materials proved to be the cheapest and the stongest. the design is repeatable so I'm planning a greenhouse and a summerhouse/cabin in the same design - wife allowing.

Year first entered 2017

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