Shed of the Year 2015 competition sponsored by Cuprinol

Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2015 is Inshriach Distillery

The Cake House - Anne Horsburgh  - Garden
Anne Horsburgh
the walnuts  - Christopher Bustin  - allotment
Christopher Bustin
Dozza's Hut - Doreen Pack - My hut is situated at the top of my garden and accessible via the decking and patio area
Doreen Pack
Alen (woody) - Matthew feaks - Garden ...of town centre house
Matthew feaks
Bertie's Folly - Christopher Bound - Garden
Christopher Bound
Azza's Pad - Andrew Stewart - Top of the garden
Andrew Stewart
Visionary - Jarrod Sexton - Front Garden
Jarrod Sexton
Cabin fever - vic Coleman - Pond
vic Coleman
Casa Schroeder  - Peter Schroeder  - Garden
Peter Schroeder
The Sheiling - Caroline Edwards - Bottom of the garden
Caroline Edwards
The Cabin - David Luck - Back Garden
David Luck
Beach Hut - Judy Cowan - In our romantic garden
Judy Cowan
Thailand - Graham Constable - by small lake at bottom of garden
Graham Constable
The Retreat - Paula Czarnecki - Back garden
Paula Czarnecki
Beach house 12 - Dave Churne - Garden
Dave Churne
Our Beach Hut - Kim Ridgley - Garden
Kim Ridgley
gardening shed - Judith Tomline - garden
Judith Tomline
Pixie Cabin - Mark Burton - Most of the UK
Mark Burton
barbados  chatell  - malcolm braithwaite - garden
malcolm braithwaite
The Ranch - Mike Hayes - Garden
Mike Hayes
Teasel's Wood Cabin - John & Rebecca Bunting - Back garden
John & Rebecca Bunting
Stewie - Derek Taylor - rear garden
Derek Taylor
Moe's Retreat - maurice apsley - Garden
maurice apsley
the shed - chris moody - United Kingdom
chris moody
Harry's bar  - Mark grant - Garden
Mark grant
Filbert - neil dillow - Garden
neil dillow
Mill cave  - Gavin millard - North Wales
Gavin millard