Shed of the Year 2015 competition sponsored by Cuprinol

Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2015 is Inshriach Distillery

Doghouse (First entered 2015)
Doghouse - John Horne  - Back Garden old garage
John Horne
Shenanigans (First entered 2015)
Shenanigans - Peter Roberts - Garden
Peter Roberts
Badger Bar (First entered 2015)
Badger Bar - Charlotte Mead - Garden
Charlotte Mead
Rainbows End (First entered 2015)
Rainbows End - Robert Cameron - Garden
Robert Cameron
Lamielog (First entered 2015)
Lamielog - Steve prout - Garden
Steve prout
Tyddyn Isaf Beach Huts (First entered 2015)
Tyddyn Isaf Beach Huts - Hayley Mount-Leonard - Bar Garden
Hayley Mount-Leonard
The Old Tannery (First entered 2015)
The Old Tannery - Derek Evans - back garden
Derek Evans
Doom bar (First entered 2015)
Doom bar - glynn procter - garden
glynn procter
Wolfy's (First entered 2015)
Wolfy's - Paul wolf - Garden
Paul wolf
Dog House (First entered 2015)
Dog House - Chris Towler - front garden/drive
Chris Towler
The Vegas Bar (First entered 2015)
The Vegas Bar - christopher james davison - Garden
christopher james davison
The Champagne Shed (First entered 2015)
The Champagne Shed - Julie Clark - Garden
Julie Clark
Cyril's Bar. (First entered 2015)
Cyril's Bar.  - Dick chivers - Garden
Dick chivers
the shed! (First entered 2015)
the shed! - kev marshall - garden
kev marshall
george's bar (First entered 2015)
george's bar - stuart - garden
The cock inn (First entered 2015)
The cock inn - Darren Fraser  - Garden
Darren Fraser
The Moon and Mushroom (First entered 2015)
The Moon and Mushroom - Stuart Pavey - Garden
Stuart Pavey
The Nook Tavern (First entered 2015)
The Nook Tavern - Martin Reid - End of Garden
Martin Reid
'Elvis Bar' (First entered 2015)
'Elvis Bar' - Tracy Purvis - garden
Tracy Purvis
Lodge 54 (First entered 2015)
Lodge 54 - Sam Hayes - Garden
Sam Hayes
The Kazbah (First entered 2015)
The Kazbah - Dr Graham  - Sunderland
Dr Graham
The Yorkshire Kipper (First entered 2015)
The Yorkshire Kipper - Paul Batham - Garden
Paul Batham
Rileys Bar (First entered 2015)
Rileys Bar - Garry Saunders - Garden
Garry Saunders
The Deck Inn (First entered 2015)
The Deck Inn - Brian Sultana - Garden
Brian Sultana
The StOpsToP Bar (First entered 2015)
The StOpsToP Bar - Tim Spalding - Terraced house garden
Tim Spalding
Stephens bar (First entered 2015)
Stephens bar - Brett worrallo - Garden
Brett worrallo
Philips Shed/mancave (First entered 2015)
Philips Shed/mancave - PhilipCrabtree - my back garden
Lukes Bar (First entered 2015)
Lukes Bar - Mark Farmer - garden
Mark Farmer
Philips Shed/mancave (First entered 2015)
Philips Shed/mancave - philip - Back garden
Payne's Tiki Bar (First entered 2015)
Payne's Tiki Bar - David Payne - Bottom of the Garden
David Payne
Club Red (First entered 2015)
Club Red - Geoffrey Blass - Pool Cabana
Geoffrey Blass
Shenanigans (First entered 2015)
Shenanigans - Darren - Garden
JJs bar (First entered 2015)
JJs bar - James Morris - Garden
James Morris
Tushinghams arms (First entered 2015)
Tushinghams arms - David Tushingham  - Garden
David Tushingham
DTB Bar (Down the Bottom) (First entered 2015)
DTB Bar (Down the Bottom) - Carl Guy - Garden
Carl Guy
The skinner Arms (First entered 2015)
The skinner Arms - Philip Noakes - Bottom of the Garden
Philip Noakes
The Man Cave (First entered 2015)
The Man Cave - Josh Carr - Garden
Josh Carr
The Scratching Shed (First entered 2015)
The Scratching Shed - Neil Byrne - Back Garden
Neil Byrne
THE TROFF (First entered 2015)
THE TROFF  - gavin maddern and amanda davies - bottom of the garden
gavin maddern and amanda davies
The Good Intent Pub (First entered 2015)
The Good Intent Pub - Jason Barker - Backyard
Jason Barker
Charlie's Bar (First entered 2015)
Charlie's Bar - Pete Mortimer - Garden
Pete Mortimer
FuBAR (First entered 2015)
FuBAR - Dermot Wilson - Garden
Dermot Wilson
The Tavern (First entered 2015)
The Tavern - Scott Cole - Garden
Scott Cole
Room With A View (First entered 2015)
Room With A View - Norm Bridgewater - Garden
Norm Bridgewater
wadley's Arms (First entered 2015)
wadley's Arms - James - In the garden