National Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol

Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2014 is The allotment roofed shed

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ShipWreck's Deck - David Britt - Back yard
David Britt
No shed picture Yet
Thomas Benner
Into the TARDIS - Sean Clarke - Garden
Sean Clarke
JuJu - robin wood - east lothian
robin wood
Paul's Sanctuary  - Paul Tuckfield - Garden
Paul Tuckfield
WillBeech Station - Rob Williams - Back garden
Rob Williams
THE WHEELHOUSE  - Mark Springhall  - Garden
Mark Springhall
Lols Bar - Lee Hastings  - Hidden at the bottom of garden
Lee Hastings
The wheel house  - Mark Springhall  - Garden
Mark Springhall
The Tardis - Geraldine Ranahan - garden
Geraldine Ranahan
No shed picture Yet
Edwin harber
The Aidan's head  - Aidan James featherstone - Side of house
Aidan James featherstone
Brett's escape - Brett Arnall - Back garden
Brett Arnall
Summer Garden - David Wright Larch Cottage Florist - Front Garden
David Wright Larch Cottage Florist
The martins  - Joshua and Amy martin - Allotment
Joshua and Amy martin
BSD - Paul Doyle - Garden
Paul Doyle
Dig For Victory - Catherine McMahon - allotment
Catherine McMahon
caribbean dream - Jenny Blackburn - Garden- close to Dudley in the West Midlands
Jenny Blackburn
Jo's Crib - Johanne Andersen - Garden
Johanne Andersen
Haven - Andrea Hallissey - Bottom of the garden
Andrea Hallissey
Little Humf - Ash Bond - Front Garden
Ash Bond
Adelstrop - Steve Beioley - Garden
Steve Beioley
The Kaczynski Shack - Thomas Jackson - Houston, Texas, USA
Thomas Jackson
Gerry's hideaway - carole sullivan  - Garden
carole sullivan
Zhanna Pecugina - Zhanna Pechugina - Garden
Zhanna Pechugina
wednesday ward - emily ward - garden
emily ward
woody - Nick - garden
joes bar - joe mccrystal - garden
joe mccrystal
the doors - alison wilcox - garden
alison wilcox
Suzy's beach hut shed - Suzan Karafistan  - Back of the garden
Suzan Karafistan
Fish pad  - Richard  - Garden
The Hut - Stuart Newman - Back Garden
Stuart Newman
beer garden and workshop - Robert Shayne (Jacksonville, FL) - Backyard
Robert Shayne (Jacksonville, FL)
Munchkin House - Toly Zyatitsky - Backyard
Toly Zyatitsky

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National Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol

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