National Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol

Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2014 is The allotment roofed shed

If you have an amazing shed - enter it for shed of the year 2015.

Shedservatory - Ben Fillmore

No shed picture Yet

Waveney Valley Hogspital - Anna Hunter

No shed picture Yet

Starbeck Tardis - Dave Prince


No shed picture Yet

The Garden House - Tim Concannon

Japanese Tea House shed - Derek Verlander

The Wivern Inn - Steve

The Green Room - John Palin

The Stable - Mick & Linda Thornton

Adaptapod  - Chloe

Studio - tom

The Goodlife shed - Alison Winfield-Chislett

sea-chic shed - Kim Cutmore

Dad's Shed - Christina Murton

Albert - Mr

Chapel of The Three Crosses - Jon Richards

Trailhouse - Anthony Statham

LHS Bikeshed - tom wyatt

Joae - Nicola

the grand plaza - lee kinson

Beach Hut Shed - Dawn

Bobs lodge - Aston dibden

 - graham colover

Sol's Hobbit Hole - Stephen Wood

The OL' Shack - Devina Burton

Mr Tim Ber - Mick Henson

mad's massive - Mary Guyver

Green halt return - Michael Green

Sparkly Shed - Sarah

Olympic / Titanic Museum - J. Siggins

The Boma - Trudi Rankin

The Teapot  - Ian Kirkby


recycled shed-home - Miki

Tree Sparrow House - Jonathan Melville - Smith

Jack Sparrow House - Jonathan Melville - Smith

the pets country manor - Craig and Vicky

Dylan Thomas Mobile Writing Shed - Eleri Retallick

Park Laudry - Priscilla Jones

Camper Shed - Phillip Western

JB's - Lloyd Robinson

My girly escape - Charmaine

My Camouflage Hobbit Playhouse - Michael Jones

Shed Of The Year Winners

National Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol

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