Shed of the Year 2015 competition sponsored by Cuprinol

Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2015 is Inshriach Distillery

My Hut (First entered 2015)
My Hut - Carolyn Hayter - Garden
Carolyn Hayter
The Speakeasy (First entered 2015)
The Speakeasy - Gary Smith - Garden
Gary Smith
The shed (First entered 2015)
The shed - Jessica wilson - Back garden
Jessica wilson
The Recycling Project (First entered 2015)
The Recycling Project - Grace Guia - Garden
Grace Guia
No. 1 Hut (First entered 2015)
No. 1 Hut - Mike Pantrey - Back Garden
Mike Pantrey
Little Elves Workshops (First entered 2015)
Little Elves Workshops - Nina Mitchell - In my pretty garden
Nina Mitchell
Matt's shed (First entered 2015)
Matt's shed - Matt - garden
Shedoline (First entered 2015)
Shedoline - Max Tate - Back garden
Max Tate
My Lady's Retreat (First entered 2015)
My Lady's Retreat - Alban & Angela Bunting - In our garden
Alban & Angela Bunting
The Barn (First entered 2015)
The Barn - nicole thisdell - Field and garden area
nicole thisdell
jabba the hut. (First entered 2015)
jabba the hut. - graeme stewart - scotland
graeme stewart
ajc-taichi zone (First entered 2015)
ajc-taichi zone - Mr Ashley Cheeseman - Garden
Mr Ashley Cheeseman
Shou-sugi-ban shed (First entered 2015)
Shou-sugi-ban shed - John Tracey - Garden
John Tracey
The Summerhouse (First entered 2015)
The Summerhouse - Dawn Fry - At the bottom of the garden
Dawn Fry
Ken's Hovel (First entered 2015)
Ken's Hovel - Kenneth Agg - Garden
Kenneth Agg
The Shed ! (First entered 2015)
The Shed !  - Catherine Dupuy - Garden
Catherine Dupuy
Timpdon Railway Station (First entered 2015)
Timpdon Railway Station - Chris MacKenzie - At the bottom of the back garden
Chris MacKenzie
'The Magic Hut' (First entered 2015)
'The Magic Hut' - Nicholas Courtney - garden
Nicholas Courtney
The Little Art Shed (First entered 2015)
The Little Art Shed - Eve Miles - in my garden
Eve Miles
When Harry met Nick (First entered 2015)
When Harry met Nick - Nick Wakeling - Garden
Nick Wakeling
Studio Shed (First entered 2015)
Studio Shed - Harpreet Lota - back garden
Harpreet Lota
Thrashion (First entered 2015)
Thrashion - Nat - Garden
the pallet shed (First entered 2015)
the pallet shed - Peter Middleton - in back garden
Peter Middleton
The Shippey Shack (First entered 2015)
The Shippey Shack - Derek Diedricksen - Waltham, MA (right outside Boston, MA USA)
Derek Diedricksen
The Pod (First entered 2015)
The Pod - Nicola Castle - Garden
Nicola Castle
Shedio (First entered 2015)
Shedio - Owen Lennox - Garden
Owen Lennox
The shedifice (First entered 2015)
The shedifice - Nick - Mid-Garden
Darkroom No1 (First entered 2015)
Darkroom No1 - Shener Hathaway - Bottom of Garden
Shener Hathaway
Cabin of the greenman (First entered 2015)
Cabin of the greenman  - Luke Anthony Wesley  -  back garden
Luke Anthony Wesley
Mabs shed (First entered 2015)
Mabs shed - Ben rogers - Garden
Ben rogers
 Sophie's lady shed and Ben's man cave - Sophie cronin - Garden
Sophie cronin
Studio Shed (First entered 2015)
Studio Shed - Peter McLaren - Kirkcaldy, Fife
Peter McLaren
The Beauty Shed (First entered 2015)
The Beauty Shed - Jenna Joslin-Smith - Back Garden
Jenna Joslin-Smith
Shedpop HQ (First entered 2015)
Shedpop HQ - David Addington - Long Eaton,
David Addington
Owl Lodge (First entered 2015)
Owl Lodge  - Kate  - Garden
The craft shed (First entered 2015)
The craft shed - Lee Roberts - Garden
Lee Roberts
Fifteen (First entered 2015)
Fifteen - Martin - Garden
Circus Shed (First entered 2015)
Circus Shed - ydrolina - uppsala, Sweden
Ben's shed (First entered 2015)
Ben's shed - Ben - Garden
caroles creations (First entered 2015)
caroles creations - carole garwood - garden
carole garwood
Shedio 13B (First entered 2015)
Shedio 13B - Gary Brady - Garden
Gary Brady
Cetti Manors (First entered 2015)
Cetti Manors - James Bernhard - Garden in Central London
James Bernhard
steves man cave (First entered 2015)
steves man cave - steven smith - garden
steven smith
Hyggested (First entered 2014)
Hyggested - Linda Lucy - Garden
Linda Lucy
Sew Delightful (First entered 2014)
Sew Delightful  - Kayleigh Stringer - Garden
Kayleigh Stringer